Thursday, December 24, 2009

Modern Family

We are so lucky and thankful to live in a time with such advanced technology.  Since Alice is so young this year, we were not able to travel by air at all over the holidays.  However, when Christmas Eve morning rolled around, thanks to Skype, it was just like being in North Dakota!  Each house had two computers, so we even were able to video chat from multiple angles as we all exchanged Secret Santa gifts and presents for Alice and her cousin Miranda.

Here is a photo of Grandma Marcia, via computer monitor, attempting to answer the phone through her sofa - talk about modern technology! :)

Alice continued to enjoy her Christmas - happily surrounded by Mommy and Daddy, and able to see her family over the computer as well.

One of Alice's favorite gifts was this "telephone" from Grandma Marcia and Papa Pete.  Now she can learn about keeping in touch with her whole family all day long!


  1. Yes I was attempting to answer the phone in the couch but in the end technology was the winner, the connection was made, and a good time was had by all. It was amost as fun as having you all here.

  2. I love the intensity of which Alice is calling me with her new phone. This is one of the pictures on my fridge.