Sunday, March 29, 2009

Video Chat Enabled

Our new webcam is up and running. If you ever want to chat like they will in the future, look us up on Skype, we are listed under "Scott Peterson" in Somerville, MA.

** Disclaimer **

We do not promise to shower before answering video chat calls, and if its the weekend you press your luck as to whether or not Scott is wearing pants. Consider yourself warned!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

ITS A BOY! (or at least a new toy!)

Lisa is going to be needing a new computer at the office when Leah starts in May, so Scott is graciously donating his old computer. This means that he has to buy a new one in order to feed his gaming addiction... and he could not be happier.

The box that arrived from HP either contained a new computer or a small horse. The kitties made sure to thoroughly inspect the package as soon as it arrived.

The new computer is ~20% larger than its predecessor, but many times more powerful. So far Scott has tried to push the computer to its limits with different games and applications, and it has met every challenge to date.


Of course a game with Shannon was the first thing on the agenda. You can see the rest of the pictures from Christmas in March here.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

T Minus 50 Days?!?!?!? When Did That Happen????

It literally feels like last week that we were writing the blog entry exclaiming that there were only 100 days left. Time has passed so quickly since then and it is hard to believe that there are only 50 days left now. We are excited and doing really well and starting to really look forward to meeting our little baby! This past weekend we were taking a walk through our neighborhood in the morning and imagining how much fun it will be to be doing so with the three of us - and it won't be long! Only 7 weeks to go - exciting and crazy all at once!

This past weekend, we (Lisa and Mom) got a bit more sewing done. We still have some to do, but we are making great progress and it is all coming along nicely.

We were first very excited to finish the bumper! It looks great waiting in the crib with the matching crib skirt!:

Mom is making really great progress on the curtains (our most involved project). We chose a fabric that is shimmery and has little dots on it that look like bubbles to go with our "rubber ducky and soap bubbles" theme.

Once the curtains are finished, we will hang them on the curtain rods in the nursery with these rubber ducky shower curtain hooks!

We also made significant progress on the crib sheets and the hanging diaper organizer. There will be more photos of those to come as soon as the projects are finished (and of course, we'll have photos of the curtains when they are done and up as well!). As always, thanks so much, Mom for all your help!

Being Easter season, which we have found fits our nursery theme perfectly, we have been keeping our eyes open for inexpensive odds and ends to round out the nursery. Scott and I recently found this cute ducky stuffed animal that we just could not resist. (I think we must be getting excited for an actual baby around here!).

Ducky is a little big for the swing, but will keep it warm until our little Cornflake decides to make an appearance!

For all the photos from the weekend, click here. We will continue to keep you updated with all of our baby related adventures!

Monday, March 9, 2009


We had an exciting baby-related weekend.

First of all, Scott spent the weekend at what he has been calling his "Baby Bachelor Party"! He and a bunch of guys from work traveled down to Connecticut to the casino after work on Friday to witness a few boxing matches and gamble. Everyone had a great time, won a bunch of money, and even saw a guy get knocked out in 21 seconds! He got home at 6:30am on Saturday and spent Saturday recovering. I think he may have stumbled onto a concept that many soon-to-be-dads would appreciate!

While Scott was living it up a couple of states away, Lisa and her mom were sewing up a storm, creating things for the nursery. We still have a ways to go before the nursery is finished, and so we planned another day real soon to get together, but here are a few items that we finished this weekend.

First, we created a foam filled, vinyl covered changing pad for the top of the changing table:

Then, we made a cover for the changing pad. I'll make more of these before the baby arrives, but the first one came out awfully cute!:

We made lots of headway on the crib bumper (we still need to finish the ties to secure it to the crib). I think this is our favorite project so far! Aww...

We also made a matching crib skirt:

At the end of the day on Saturday, we were both pretty tired, but excited about our progress!

We still have a few larger projects in the works, so watch for those posts in the coming weeks. We are working on the curtains, crib sheets, hanging organizer, cross-stitched birth record, more changing pad covers, laundry bags, and more!

Thanks so much, Mom! We appreciate all your help so much!

For more photos from our weekend, click here. (Sorry, no cameras allowed on the baby bachelor party!)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

We are so blessed to have such generous family and friends! :)

It is so hard to believe that we are now past 30 weeks! This week, we will have only 9 weeks left until our due date. We are slowly feeling more and more prepared. Everything seems to be coming together well, but it is sure coming quickly!

We have been so blessed over the past several weeks to receive some wonderful, generous gifts from some of our family and friends. It is awesome that the baby is surrounded by so much love already! Thank you so much!

These are so cool and we thought you might enjoy seeing them!

First of all, Bethany and CJ and Danny and Chris got together and ordered Scott and I a couple of really nice diaper bags. We are going to be very fashionable parents!

Here is mine:

And here is Scott's. (It is actually called a "Diaper Dude"!). You will notice in the photo that he found the pocket for the bottle!:

Lisa's mom, "Grammie Baptiste," knitted a gorgeous sweater and hat set for the baby, so between this sweater and the cool diaper bags, all three of us will be very fashionable!:

Scott's best friend, Shannon and his wife, Mary are so awesome! They sent us this swing (and they claim that since they live all the way in Minnesota, this will have to substitute for babysitting from them!). We love it, guys and we're sure the baby will too!:

Shannon and Mary also sent this really cool space saving high chair that we are sure will work really well to feed our baby and conserve space in our small home. Thanks guys!:

This week, we are planning to finish putting together our changing table and move around some of the furniture items outside the nursery to make more room in general in our home.

To see all of the photos related to these fun gifts as well as some from Grammie Baptiste's birthday party at our house, click here.