Sunday, May 31, 2009

Movies, Movies, Movies!

Rather than embedding all of these video clips into separate posts, we decided to post them all together. These videos were all taken last week while Bethany was here to visit.

Here is Alice showing off her pretty smile!

Here she is showing us how much she enjoys expensive hand bags

Alice is already practicing her sign-language. Here she is making the sign for 'poopy diaper' or maybe she is just making a 'poopy diaper'
nevertheless, she is still dancing to her favorite song

Finally, Alice lets Danny know that Bethany is a much better bouncer

Road Trip!

Today we took a little road trip and went down to visit Dan and Chris for breakfast. Chris's brother Paul joined us for breakfast and we talked a lot about his upcoming trek. Paul and a friend are planning on biking across North and South America! They will be departing from northern Alaska and biking all the way to the southern tip of Argentina. They leave in 30 days and will be blogging about their trek all the way. Here is the link to their website if you want to follow along too.

After breakfast, we went to the Wrentham outlets for a little shopping and fresh air. Lisa took the opportunity to get some much needed non-maternity clothes, while Scott and Alice cruised the sidewalks... well Scott walked up and down all the sidewalks while Alice snoozed in the sun. She of course would wake up and express her concern if Scott even thought about slowing down or even stopping!

Now we are home and getting ready for the work week again. Scott will be back to work for a full five days starting tomorrow and Lisa and Alice will be home alone for the first time on Monday. Lisa is a little nervous about playing Mommy all day long, but she reminded me that Alice loves bouncing on the yoga ball, so they can always do that... who knows maybe they will bounce all day long!

Here is Alice striking a pose after we got home

Bethany's Visit to Mass

Bethany was here for the past week and it was great to have her here. She basically held Alice for the entire week and was a great help to Lisa as Scott had to go back to work. It was a busy week, but we had lots of fun too.

One of the highlights was that Bethany and Danny were able to spend their birthday together for the first time in eight years! Here is a photo from the birthday bash which shows the Baptiste clan with the newest member of the 'inner circle'.

Alice, of course, put on her prettiest dress for the occasion.

Auntie Chris was also feeling better and has tried to get Alice away from Bethany as much as she could... not an easy task!

Even though it was Danny and Bethany's birthday, Alice got a gift! Grammie Chris finished the cross stitch Lisa had made while she was still pregnant. Chris finished the name and birth info. We will hang this up over the crib next to the family tree photos.

If you are on facebook, make sure to check out Bethany's online album of her visit. The album is linked through Scott and Lisa's individual profiles.

Also, more photos are here.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baby Pool Winner!

Many congratulations to Auntie Bethany, who was the winner of our online Baby Pool. She guessed that Alice was a girl, she was only off by two days on her birthday (she guessed that she would be born on May 13, which was the day we were induced). Bethany underestimated the weight by just under a pound. Good job!

Check out how you did in the rankings here:

Bethany wins an autographed photo of Alice. In the meantime, while Alice learns to sign her name, Bethany has won a week's stay with the Petersons. We are enjoying having her here and she has been a big help already.

Yay Auntie Bethany!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Alice's first Memorial Day has been celebrated in style. Of course she had to wear her best beach outfit for the day, complete with hat and shades. Here she is already tired from a day outside.

Danny came up to Boston this morning to see his sister and his new niece. Unfortunately, Chris (C-Bap) is under the weather with a little touch of the swine-flu, bird-flu and a hint of malaria. We hope she will be feeling better for the twins' birthday on Thursday. Here is the lot of us heading out for a walk this morning.

Of course, the first stop on our trip was the Dunkin' Donuts. Here is Alice with Daddy and bunny ears.
Chris and Steve (Grammie and Grampie) have also stopped in on their way back to MIddleboro from Maine. We will be spending the rest of the afternoon with them.

More pics to come! But the rest from this afternoon are here.

Favorite Auntie!*

Bethany has arrived and claimed the title of favorite Auntie!

After playing with the baby and showering her with some pretty new clothes we all had breakfast together and then decided to take a nap this morning. Later in the day, second-favorite-Auntie* Chris and Dan will be coming up to see Alice and Bethany (no one visits Scott and Lisa anymore).

Looks like we will have a full house for Memorial Day!

** Favorite, and Second-Favorite-Auntie Titles are in constant flux. Bethany has claimed Favorite status but Chris claims she will hold the title soon!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fussy Day Today

The weather was warm and humid today and poor Alice did not like it. She has not been sleeping well today, which has really thrown off the rest of her schedule (ie eating and pooping). We are hoping as it cools off tonight that she will be able to get some much needed sleep.

In other news, Auntie Bethany arrives in Boston in the morning! (here she is running to see the baby!)

We are looking forward to have Bethany here for the week, as Scott will be going back to work on Tuesday. It will also be Bethany and Danny's birthday on Thursday, so hopefully we can get the Baptistes together for some fun then.

Bethany's flight arrives at 5:30am, so it will be a race to see which happens first... Bethany gets to Boston or Alice gets breakfast... stay tuned!

A Star is Born

Red Sox Nation starts them young

Saturday, May 23, 2009

This is what happens when the Sox lose!

Come on Red Sox!
Don't make my baby cry!

Fans of Alice

We have been very fortunate to have lots of friends and family stop by over the past week to wish us well and share in the new addition to our family. Here are a couple pics of the latest visitors.

Robin and Dave Alcott, now known as 'Super' Uncle Dave and 'Super' Aunt Robin (simply because calling them Great Aunt and Uncle made them sound too old) stopped by this afternoon and made us a great lunch. It was fun chatting with them, though Alice was not the perfect hostess. She preferred to spend most of the afternoon eating in the bedroom with mommy or sleeping in the nursery.

We also had a pop-in from two of Scott's lab mates from work. They updated him on all the new happenings since he has been out for the week... turns out he did not miss too much. It was nice to see Carrie and John though and if it were not for folks like them, he would not be looking forward to going back to work on Tuesday!

John... Stop hitting on my daughter!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Day of Firsts

On Wednesday, little Alice had a lot of firsts -

First of all, the weather was great outside so we went on a family walk to the park across the street. While we were there, we got a picture of Alice's first wheelie!

Alice also had her first A-Bomb. The A-Bomb of course is when there is so much poo that it bursts out of the diaper and soaks through the clothes and the blanket. Way to go baby! - Sorry no picture of this mess.

Thanks to the A-Bomb, we also gave Alice her first shower/bath. Basically we held her head under the running water and then used a damp cloth to clean her off.

After getting cleaned up, Alice took a ride in her new vibro-chair. She loved it!

After she was settled down, we took the opportunity to get a picture of Alice with her big ducky. We will take more pictures like this to show how much she is growing. This picture is from 6-days old.

After off of this excitement, it was time for dinner and bed. Not a first, but still very important.

Just a couple bonus pics here.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Things are settling down

We have officially been parents for over 5 days now, and I really don't know what all the fuss is about. Perhaps Alice is just some sort of super baby, but she is definitely easy to care for!

Last night, after diapers and a long dinner (1 hour on a single boob... well, 30 min of eating from and 30 min of sleeping on top of) we put her down in the bassinet and went to sleep ourselves. We thought we would try to wake and feed her after 3 hours of sleep, which basically boiled down to us taking her out of the crib, bringing her to the bed and then unsuccessfully trying to make a sleeping baby eat. We repeated this process every hour for the next three hours. Long story short, baby slept six hours, mommy and daddy slept 3 hours plus one hour, then another hour, then another hour.

She finally woke up this morning around 5:30 and ate and then was wide awake for a solid 90 min when she played with daddy. We punched the air, kicked our feet and crawled around on our tummies. After all that work, we went to the nursery and rocked in the chair for 15 min, and then decided it was time to sleep again.

Mommy and baby have both been sleeping for an hour now, more than enough time to update some pictures! Here are some recent pics from this past days:

This is a picture of 'sad Alice' its been somewhat of a rare sighting, so we needed to take a picture to prove that its real.

Lisa says that that worst part of Alice sleeping all the time, is that she gets cuter every time she wakes up. If she keeps this up, Lisa claims she will not be able to handle it much longer! This is a photo of the beauty sleep in progress.

We have put her in the swing a couple times now and she has really enjoyed it. She doesn't fall asleep, rather looks all around as she is swinging through the air. She is also very interested in the people that come close to her as you can see here, she has very attentive eyes.

The kitties were very happy to see us come home, but have been upset that they are not allowed in the bedroom right now as we have the baby in there with us. They did not, however, miss this opportunity to sleep with mommy on the sofa.

We have been very cautious introducing the cats to Alice. So far, Ella is very curious and wants to see what all the fuss is with this new family member. Millie on the other hand runs away as fast as possible whenever the baby makes a peep!

Finally a video of Alice in the crib checking out the soother.

Some more pictures are here.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Alice Videos

Here are just a couple videos of Alice from the past days. Pardon the cinematography, remember we are new at this parenting thing!

This first one is from when we were still in the hospital. Its what we like to call 'milk drunk'

This is a video highlighting her totally 80's mullet.

Finally, here she is on her maiden voyage in the swing.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Alice Comes Home!

First off - Thank you to everyone who has called, texted, emailed, facebooked, skyped, smoke signaled, candygramed, and pony expressed their congratulations and well wishes. Your thoughts and prayers were appreciated and felt!

Our big news now is that our little angel is home!

We were given the option to stay until Monday morning, but we decided Lisa's healing process would probably accelerate if she was at home and Scott would definitely be able to sleep better in his own bed rather than the hospital fold out "bed".

Chris and Steve, now known as Grammie and Grampie Baptiste, came up to the hospital around 3pm to give us a ride home. The first thing we had to do was put Alice in her going-home outfit, and being that she loves duckies it was an easy choice.

Alice did great with her first car trip. She was sleeping before the engine started and never made a peep the entire way. After we got home, Scott helped Lisa into the house and the proud new grandparents carried the little one inside.

We then had to give Alice a tour of her new home. She already loves her room and will calm down just walking in! It is nice and quiet and has dim lighting, all of her favorite things.

She especially likes the glider chair. Just a couple minutes with Mommy or Daddy are enough to soothe even the biggest tears!

For the first week or so, Alice will be sleeping in our room in the pack-n-play bassinet. Here you can get an idea of how tiny she is. The bear in the corner is called the 'womb bear' and plays a sound that mimics mommy's heartbeat. It works really well, every time we start it up, Daddy falls right asleep!

Here she is on her first night in the house, wrapped up in her baby burrito and happy as a clam. We got 5 hours of sleep last night! Lets hope that is not a record!

The rest of the pictures from bringing Alice home are here.

And the rest of the pictures from the hospital - birth are here.

We will try our best to keep the pictures coming! We know there are Aunties and Grandmas out there that are checking all the time!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's a GIRL!

This is Scott's sister, Vicky posting on their behalf. I'll just give you some quick info, but let Lisa tell you the full story later on.

Alice Davie Baptiste Peterson was born at midnight on Friday, May 15th.

She's 8 lbs 5.5 oz; 20 inches long.

She was 1 week overdue, and required 27 hours of labor from her poor mommy!

Lisa was a superstar working so hard for so long. It did take a toll on her body though. She lost a lot of blood and needed 2 units later that day. Her levels are coming back up now, she's gaining strength and recovering. After some much needed sleep last night she was able to sit up today and is starting to feel better.

Alice is doing great! Sleeping lots, and storing up so she can keep the new parents awake at home next week.

Scott is good; watching over his girls. He could use a shower - but who has the time?
The pictures are from the phone; but even in low resolution you can see this is a beautiful baby girl!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Crib Tour

Happy Mothers Day to our moms and our mom-to-be. We still haven't figured out what it is going to take to get this baby to finally come out, but we thought finishing the nursery would be a good start. Here is a video tour of the completed room:

Also we have some pictures of the room here.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Overdue and Lovin' It!

Lisa is now 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant and still not showing signs of stopping. We have started to try some various 'home remedies' for inducing labor, such as walking everywhere, spicy food, acupuncture and even Lisa's favorite, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with M&M's... To be honest, I didn't know that was supposed to induce labor, but she swears its true.

We appreciate all the phone calls and well wishes as we are getting closer to the big day. Rest assured that when the baby comes, you will know about it! Hopefully its soon! (Full moon tonight, fingers crossed!)