Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sox at Rox - June, 2010

An important element of this trip to Denver was our annual baseball trip - this year we were in Denver to see the Red Sox play a series against the Colorado Rockies.  The whole family even attended the first of the three games.  Here we all are looking great in our Red Sox gear:

We were so happy that Alice LOVED her first real Red Sox game.  Here she is, engrossed in the action:
Alice even caught the eye of our section's usher and he gave her an actual baseball from that evening's batting practice!

The two girls were so cute in their Red Sox outfits. 
Here are Alice, Grandma and Papa checking out the stadium together:

Alice and Miranda were excited to meet Dinger, the Rockies' mascot, during the third inning.  Dinger autographed photos for each of the girls.  Miranda cutely mistook this purple dinosaur for her own personal favorite, Barney!  The Rockies' staff was kind and explained that Dinger is actually Barney's cousin!
Mommy and Daddy were SO EXCITED when the Red Sox avoided the sweep and won the third game in extra innings, rewarding Mommy and Daddy with their first win on the road.  They were starting to worry that they were bad luck!  It was an awesome win, a great game and a really fun series overall. 
Woo hoo!  Red Sox win!!!
Here is a link to the rest of the photos from the three games.

Mountain Adventures

On Thursday, Uncle Eric, Daddy, Mommy and Alice drove up into the mountains for a day of adventure.  Our first stop was a fun little spot, the "World Famous Tiny Town & Railroad!":

Alice was in her element, with over 100 buildings just her size:

After visiting all the tiny buildings and riding the train, we drove off to see what else we could find.  We were so excited to come upon Red Rocks Amphitheater!:
Uncle Eric, Daddy and Mommy took turns checking it out, while Alice enjoyed her afternoon nap:

Next, we were off to Golden, Colorado, the home of the Coors Brewery.  Golden is a really cute little town:
And we enjoyed the brewery tour:

It was a really fun afternoon!  Here is a link to the rest of the photos from our adventures in the mountains.  Enjoy!

At the Zoo!

On Wednesday, the family spent the afternoon at the Denver Zoo.  It was the first visit to a zoo for Alice, and both Alice and Miranda especially enjoyed seeing all the animals and exhibits.

Grandma and Papa took Alice and Miranda on the carousel:

Miranda and Alice enjoyed spending the day together.  These two cousins are really starting to become friends!

Here is a link to the rest of the photos from the zoo.  Enjoy!

Denver Vacation!

We just returned from a wonderful family vacation in Denver, Colorado.  Daddy's parents rented a giant house there and we spent the week with Grandma and Papa Peterson, Uncle Eric, and Auntie Vicky, Uncle Brandon and Miranda:

The house was so large, it even had a game room and movie theater floor, complete with its own kitchen!  Here, Alice and Miranda are playing pool in the billiards parlor!:
The house came with a free pass to the community swimming pools (large pool and accompanying kiddie pool), and we took advantage of it.  Here we are, out for a swim:
Of course, the girls loved the pools!
On Tuesday, while Daddy, Papa and Uncle Eric were off golfing, Grandma, Auntie Vicky, Uncle Brandon, Mommy, and the girls found a really awesome indoor playland called "Little Monkey Bizness."  Alice and Miranda loved all the climbing and riding down all the slides!:

Grandma and Papa, of course, savored every minute with Alice and Miranda!:

Here is a link to photos from our family time in Denver.  Other posts will soon follow highlighting some of the adventures of the week.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Run to Home Base!

A few weeks ago, on May 23rd, Daddy took part in his first official road race, a 9k called "The Run to Home Base", to benefit soldiers returning from Iraq and Afgansistan with PTSD and Brain Injuries, and their families.  It was a very exciting day and we are all very proud of Daddy!

Here, Alice is wishing Daddy well the night before the race:
Uncle Dan and Auntie Chris stayed over the night before and helped Daddy "carbo-load."  Here is his meal: Spaghetti and KFC! :)
Even in the sea of 3,000 or so people, we were happy to find Daddy at the starting line in order to wish him well!
The finish line for the race was home plate at Fenway Park!  Daddy did a great job!:
Alice wore her Red Sox cheerleading outfit in order to cheer Daddy on to victory:

This was such a great cause, Daddy had fun and we had fun cheering him on.  We all hope that he will be able to participate again next year!  Here are some more photos from the big day. Enjoy!

Picnic in the Park

We have been enjoying summer in Boston so much!  It has been so great to get outside with Alice and enjoy everything with her.  Recently, Uncle Dan and Auntie Chris came up to the city to visit us and we went out for an afternoon picnic at our local park.  Here we are, enjoying the food:

We also broke out the lawn games.  Uncle Dan and Daddy played games while Auntie Chris and Mommy practiced walking with Alice:

After lunch, we took a stroll over to our favorite playground.  We enjoyed trying out the slides:
And the swing!:
Here are some additional photos from our picnic.  Enjoy!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Downtown Adventure!

Daddy is out of town for the week at a conference in Minneapolis.  Since today was overcast and occasionally raining, Alice and I decided to go on an indoor adventure downtown at one of my favorite places as a kid:  The Boston Children's Museum!:

We spent most of the afternoon in the "Playspace" which is reserved strictly for kids aged 0-3 years.  Alice had lots of fun, both watching other kids play at first:

... and then getting in on the action herself!

Here she is at the market, picking up dinner... a bear, a biscuit and a cheeseburger... yum! :)

She started to feel brave and tried to climb this rope ladder (and nearly succeeded!):

She had a great time in this tent in Arthur's world:

We had lots of fun, and I'm sure we will return, although hopefully next time Daddy can come along too.  We miss you, Daddy!

Here is a link to the rest of the photos from the trip to the Children's Museum.  Enjoy!