Sunday, January 10, 2010

Alice's First Lantern Financial Holiday Party!

On January 10, we hosted the annual Lantern Financial holiday party at our house. Alice was her usual social self and enjoyed visiting with everyone very much. It was lots of fun to visit and catch up with several of our former interns. We all enjoyed so much good food and sweet desserts, it seemed that everyone rolled home that night!

Lisa is so proud of her whole crew and the success of the company over this past year.  Alice helped give the toast in celebration!  We all made predictions for ourselves and the company and put them together into a time capsule.  It will be fun to see how many of them come true when we open them in the future!

Leah knit a gorgeous blanket for Alice (and scarves for Lisa and Scott!) for Christmas!  Here she is presenting it to Alice.  Alice loves it and it is really helping to keep her nice and cozy as she sleeps at night.  Thanks so much Leah!  We love our gifts!

Here is a link to all of the photos from the party - thanks for coming everyone, and thanks for all that you have done to help Lantern succeed!  We wish you a happy and successful 2010!

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  1. Looks like a great party and the blanket is beautiful. She can sleep with that for a long time. That Leah has many talents.