Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Run to Home Base!

A few weeks ago, on May 23rd, Daddy took part in his first official road race, a 9k called "The Run to Home Base", to benefit soldiers returning from Iraq and Afgansistan with PTSD and Brain Injuries, and their families.  It was a very exciting day and we are all very proud of Daddy!

Here, Alice is wishing Daddy well the night before the race:
Uncle Dan and Auntie Chris stayed over the night before and helped Daddy "carbo-load."  Here is his meal: Spaghetti and KFC! :)
Even in the sea of 3,000 or so people, we were happy to find Daddy at the starting line in order to wish him well!
The finish line for the race was home plate at Fenway Park!  Daddy did a great job!:
Alice wore her Red Sox cheerleading outfit in order to cheer Daddy on to victory:

This was such a great cause, Daddy had fun and we had fun cheering him on.  We all hope that he will be able to participate again next year!  Here are some more photos from the big day. Enjoy!

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  1. Alice, we too are so pround of your daddy and the great job he did for this important cause.
    PS I want one of those kisses you are giving your dad in the first picture.