Sunday, July 18, 2010

Toddlerhood, Here We Come!

Alice just turned 14 months old, and it is remarkably noticeable how much she is now a "kid" versus the "baby" she once was.  She is really running around well now, and the freedom of being able to walk is such a delight to her (although Mommy and Daddy are getting lots more exercise these days, chasing after her now!).

Here are Alice and Daddy, cuddling on the sofa and laughing:
She is now REALLY into her favorite show, Veggie Tales.  Here she is in her PJs, engrossed in the show (we only have the one video and she loves watching it over and over).  She refers to the show as "Bob!!" - since the main character is Bob the Tomato.
Here she is as we took our monthly "Duckie" photos a few days ago.  It has been fun to look back at these photos over the months, since she is now bigger than Duckie, when he once dwarfed her!
Here is Alice, stylin' in her new dress and pink high top Converse All-Star sneakers from Auntie Chris and Uncle Dan!
She continues to be a very happy girl, and we are enjoying each day with her.  Exploring this summer has been especially fun, as we have watched her learn more and more about the world around her.
Here she is, blowing you kisses, one of the most recent things she has learned:
Goodbye!  Enjoy the rest of the photos of Alice turning 14 months old.

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  1. How can she change so much in the month since we saw her. Oh my we need to get together again.