Monday, August 23, 2010


One day, a couple of weeks ago, Alice was a lucky girl and received some great presents randomly from both sets of grandparents!

First, when Grammie and Grampie Baptiste came to stay over and watch Alice's swimming lesson in the morning, they brought Alice a fun bead toy! She has so much fun playing with it.

Then, later in the day, a large box arrived with a rocking chair that Great-Grandpa Westgard in North Dakota had fixed up and finished for Alice after Grandma Marcia had found it at a rummage sale:

Also in the box with the rocking chair, from Grandma and Papa, were a nice warm winter coat (to put in the closet for a few months)...

...a fun book!...

... and some cool winter boots!

(and a really cute t-shirt that says "Don't Make Me Call Grandma! - North Dakota" - how perfect!)

Is this a lucky girl or what? :)

Here is a link to some more photos of Alice enjoying her presents. Many thanks to Alice's awesome Grandparents!

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