Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Super Daddy!

Those who have followed this blog might remember a few months ago when Daddy ran a foot race that ended by crossing home plate at Fenway Park.  He had so much fun, that he has been inspired to run (well, swim, bike and run!) TWO triathlon sprints over the past couple of months!

First, in early August, he and our friend, Leah, competed in the Gloucester Fisherman's Triathlon, north of Boston:

Way to go, Daddy!  He did such a great job! :)
He had so much fun the first time around that the day after he finished his first triathlon, he signed up for his next one, only one month later!  This time, it was the Inaugural Plymouth Mayflower Triathlon, south of Boston.  He and his colleague, Dave, competed in this one.  Daddy learned from his first experience and bought a wet suit for this time:
The wetsuit helped a ton in the chilly water!

Yay, Daddy!  He beat his first time by about 5 minutes, which was awesome!  Mommy and Alice are very proud of Daddy - he is such an inspiration!
A special thanks also goes out to Grammie and Grampie Baptiste who have accompanied Mommy and Alice to watch both triathlons!  What will Daddy try next?  Only time will tell, but we are all excited to see.  We will be there cheering you on! Go, Daddy!!!! :)

Here is a link to the photos from the Gloucester Triathlon, and here is a link to the photos from the Plymouth Triathlon.  Enjoy!

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  1. We along with many are very proud of you daddy, Alice. He has done very well in these events and also provided many a fun day for the rest of the family. You sure look like you have had a great time at the events.
    Can't wait to see you. SOOON