Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas in North Dakota!

We just returned from celebrating Christmas in North Dakota, and Alice's first trip to Grandma and Papa Peterson's house.  In spite of the fact that we had some challenging travel on the way out to Bismarck, and the fact that we managed to bring enough germs with us to last everybody throughout the new year, good times were had by all, and especially by Alice and her cousin, Miranda.  Alice and Miranda keep in touch well over Skype throughout the year, but don't get to see each other too often.  Here are some photos of the trip, especially highlighting the fun between the girls!

Minutes after arrival, the girls were especially excited to play Ring around the Rosie:
Here they are playing with iPads - their abilities to navigate technology marveled everyone!
A favorite activity of the week was playing on the computer with Papa:
And, of course, what would a trip to North Dakota be without sledding?! Between germs, we managed to get the girls out twice on the sleds, which they loved:

As Alice started to feel better, her smile returned!:
The girls enjoyed a couple of baths together during the week:
Alice and Grandma made pumpkin muffins together, which were reminiscent of their trips to Dunkin Donuts when Grandma visited Alice in Boston back in the fall:
We took a family photo together:
The girls loved goofing around together:
More sledding:

Hide and seek!:

Here is a link to the best photos from the week - enjoy!  Merry Christmas, Everyone!

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  1. Oh my how can I miss them this much already? Great pictures and all we will remember is the fun, laughter and love. Not the....oh I can't remember.