Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Sunday with Friends

Rounding out our beautiful New England spring weekend, we traveled to the North Shore for the afternoon on Sunday to spend the day with a few friends.  Many thanks to Melynda and Jay for getting everyone together!

All of a sudden, there are babies everywhere and Alice could not be happier to spend time with all of her new friends!  Here is Alice with Mommy, visiting with everyone:

Here is Melissa, with her 3 month old son, Max:
Here are Melynda and her son, Nicholas, who is about 3 weeks younger than Alice:

Our friend Chris was also at the party.  Chris is expecting a baby in June!  Alice is looking forward to meeting Chris's little one.  Here is a link to a few other photos from the afternoon.

Spring has Sprung!

We have had an amazing first spring weekend here in Boston.  The new season rolled in with 60-70 degree temperatures, and we enjoyed every minute of it!  We spent the afternoon on Saturday at a playground around the corner from our house.  Here is Alice, checking out the ladder and waving hello!

The playground was packed with kids of all ages, and Alice enjoyed watching all of them, and a few even came over to introduce themselves.  Here she is, chatting it up with another girl from the neighborhood, Sadie:


Daddy helped Alice enjoy a couple of trips down the slide!:

Alice enjoyed her first time in the swings!:

By far, however, Alice's favorite activity of the day was crawling around on the ground and finding woodchips to hand to Mommy and Daddy!:

She can stand, but she can't quite walk yet.  She really enjoys making her way around on the various ladders and benches:

When we got back home after the fun afternoon, Alice was officially dirty, and it was time for a bath - always a great time!:

Afterward, she made her way around the perimeter of the room.  It is only a matter of time before she takes off walking without hanging onto anything!:

You might remember the wall of family photos we put up above her crib just before she was born.  Now that she is old enough to recognize her loved ones in photos, she really loves looking at the photo wall and waving back to everyone!

Happy Spring Everyone!  Here is a link to the rest of the photos from our fun, spring weekend.  Let's all hope for many more to come in the next couple of months!

Monday, March 15, 2010

10 Months!

Guess who just turned 10 months today!   Looks like its time for another photo shoot with Ducky!

Alice is still growing and getting more mobile every day.  At her last appointment she weighed in at almost 18 pounds... and mommy can feel every one!

She is getting more mobile everyday and has even started to push her walker around.  She cant turn corners yet, but if she has a straight line and a clear path, watch out!

Still a ham for the camera though!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

First Airplane Ride, First Swimming Pool & First Wedding!

A couple of weeks ago, we went on our first airplane adventure with Alice.  We traveled down to Florida to attend the beach wedding of Mommy's cousin Jen. (Congratulations Jen and Matt!)

Alice had a great time, wasn't bothered by the airplane at all (even slept for a bit in each direction!) and managed to basically stick to her schedule, in spite of all of the craziness.  We are confidently calling it a successful weekend away!

Here are a few photos from the trip:

Here are the rest of the photos from the long weekend. Enjoy!