Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Sunday with Friends

Rounding out our beautiful New England spring weekend, we traveled to the North Shore for the afternoon on Sunday to spend the day with a few friends.  Many thanks to Melynda and Jay for getting everyone together!

All of a sudden, there are babies everywhere and Alice could not be happier to spend time with all of her new friends!  Here is Alice with Mommy, visiting with everyone:

Here is Melissa, with her 3 month old son, Max:
Here are Melynda and her son, Nicholas, who is about 3 weeks younger than Alice:

Our friend Chris was also at the party.  Chris is expecting a baby in June!  Alice is looking forward to meeting Chris's little one.  Here is a link to a few other photos from the afternoon.

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  1. Is there anything better in the world than a house full of kids. What a great day it must have been.