Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We are Moving!!

In Mid-March, after our condo was on the market for more than 7 months, we had prepared for dozens of open houses and showings, but were losing hope, as we had not yet received an offer... and then... seemingly out of nowhere, it suddenly happened - we had an offer!

We negotiated and ultimately accepted the offer, but it came with a quick turnaround.  Within 5 weeks, we needed to find a new place to live pack up our condo and get ourselves out of there!

We were expecting to have to move into an apartment until we found our next home, but we were thrilled to find a perfect match for us on our first house-hunting trip out after receiving the offer.  Here are a couple of photos that were taken during our home inspection:

Meanwhile, as we prepared for the crazy month and a half ahead, life continued.  Here are Alice and Daddy making and enjoying a fruit dessert during our last weeks in the condo:

Here is a link to some of the first photos we took of our new home, as we envisioned moving into it and how we would arrange all of our stuff!  Enjoy!

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