Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chillin', Grillin' and Picnicin'!

We have been finally settling into our new home in Salem.  Now that the nice weather has finally arrived and thanks to a very generous gift of a gas grill from Grammie and Grampie Baptiste and Uncle Dan and Auntie Chris, we have had a few really awesome afternoons in our new backyard.  Here is Daddy, enjoying the pasttime we have only dreamed about for so many years - grilling!

Here is Alice, getting ready to head out for Uncle Dan's birthday party.  Check out her super cute flip flops! :)

Over Memorial Day weekend, we ate our lunch in the backyard - picnic style!  Here we are, relaxing on the picnic blanket:

Then it was time for the sticky watermelon!

Yum!  (Time for a bath!)

Here are Alice and Daddy, relaxing later that afternoon:

Now that we have a backyard, Alice can practice things that were not really possible in our condo - like throwing and catching!

And, of course, riding her tricycle, which she is enjoying very much!
Here are some more photos from the recent Memorial Day weekend good times.  Enjoy!

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