Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Willows and Backyard Pool

Here are a few pics from Alice's favorite spot in Salem... The Willows!

The Willows is a park/boardwalk that is right on the coast.  Here is Alice posing while looking out at the beach.
There is a big arcade at the Willows.  Here she is perfecting her DDR moves.

Near the Willows is a playground with a BIG slide.  Here is Alice climbing up the stairs, headed for the slide.

It has been so hot recently that we decided to invest in a pool for the backyard.  Alice loved it right away!

It took a while to fill it up and Alice monitored the hose the entire time.

Probably because it was fun to splash with the hose!

 Bye, bye for now!  Hope you can come visit us!  And if you do, bring your bathing suits!

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