Saturday, December 17, 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas

Christmas is coming and preparations are in order here at the Peterson house!

Here is Alice, addressing the package of presents we recently sent to Grandma and Papa's house in North Dakota:

Alice got all dressed up for the holiday party at Mommy's office.  Mommy and Alice took the train down to Boston for the afternoon:

Daddy experienced a right of passage this year as he put together a toddler kitchen which was made up of more than 100 parts and took more than 3 hours to assemble!:

Alice and all of her friends can't wait for Santa's arrival!:
Here are some more photos as we prepare for Christmas.

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  1. Oh Scott you did such a good job and I am sure Alice loves her kitchen. I love the picture with all of Alice's friends and the light of the I-Pad. Can't wait for the Christmas pictures.