Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Baby Mae is Here!

Early in the morning on January 24, we were very excited to be able to wake Alice up with the news that her new baby cousin had arrived... and she is a girl!

Mae Lisbeth Baptiste arrived on January 23rd and is perfect!  Here is Alice, checking out Mae's first photos on Daddy's phone:
... and already giving Mae kisses... we are all in love!
Mommy and Daddy ran over to the hospital right after work to be able to check out this kiddo in person:
Auntie Chris had a long labor and worked very hard but was doing great when we arrived! :)
Uncle Dan is the Diaper King we always knew he would be:
Cutie Pie!!!
Here are the rest of Baby Mae's first photos.  We are so excited to have this new love in our lives.  We can't wait for all of the new adventures ahead with our expanded family!

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  1. Oh I love the scrunchie nose. Such a cutie and welcomed new member of the family.