Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Perils of Living in Salem

Kids living in Salem need multiple Halloween costumes.  By the time October 31 arrives, the kids have likely attended several costumed events throughout the month and as the saying goes, "They don't make Halloween costumes as sturdy as they used to!" (or the saying should go like that!).

The month of October is called "Haunted Happenings" in Salem and there are multiple Halloween themed events every day of the month.  To kick off the month with the locals, the city of Salem hosts the "Grand Parade" in which all the schools in town and clubs, restaurants, etc put together floats and throw candy.

Alice was excited to wear her skeleton costume to watch the parade but it turned out to be a misty evening.  Since we were saving the skeleton for Halloween night, we couldn't risk it.  We had to get resourceful. 

Daddy had a brilliant idea!  Here, we present to you, 'Inside Out Girl'!  (She has every piece of clothing inside out! Ha ha).  She was happy to watch the floats and marching bands and catch all the candy!
Happy Haunted Happenings, Salem!

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