Monday, January 26, 2009

T minus 100 days!

Today, we officially have 100 days left until our due date - crazy! It's hard to believe that our baby will be here in just a short time. How exciting!

Since we finished painting the nursery, we have spent some time working to return our front room to "normal" (although we hear that will be a relative term!). You may have seen the photos in our previous posts showing how much our front room was literally upside down. It took a bit of maneuvering (the first few ways we thought it would work REALLY didn't work!), but we are pretty happy with the results now.

Our front area is MUCH bigger than it was before and our dining room area lost a bit of square footage in the process, but we figure we will be using the living room area more than the dining room area over the next year or so anyway.

To celebrate our front room, we bought a nice big storage ottoman to hold all of our throw blankets and put our feet up on!

We still have a few things we need to move around/pictures to hang, etc in order to make it just right, but for the moment, we are so happy now to be able to lounge around and enjoy our house once again!

Here are all of our front room photos!


  1. Lookin' good guys! Everything came together so nicely! I'm betting that new ottoman will be great for toy storage as well ;)

  2. WOW it is beautiful. The two of you are masters of making the best of every inch of space and making it look so comfortable and welcoming. It looks it is just the way it is suppose to be.
    OH and less that a 100 days to go now and everyone is counting. How about a couple more pictures of mom for us to see.

  3. I was just look at one of those ottomans for camouflage toy storage...but then I really looked around and there are no camouflaging these

  4. Congradulations on reaching single-digit countdown!! It'll go fast now (well until the last 3 weeks, then it'll be painstakingly slow!) How how you been feeling? Sleeping?