Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some Assembly Required

We have had a busy Sunday today. We started the day by grabbing a zipcar and heading down to IKEA to pick up the start of our nursery furniture. We got there at 9:45am and could not believe that there were hundreds(!) of people already at the store waiting for it to open at 10am. Apparently, there was a crazy sale on bedding (the king size duvets sold out in 7 minutes!) but we were just there for cribs and changing tables.

After hauling all the boxes up to the nursery (thanks to our downstairs neighbor Harris for helping Lisa carry all the heavy stuff up the stairs... she just can't haul like she used to!) we got to work on the assembly.

In no time we had a brand new crib...

And the base of the changing table !

Make sure to notice the ducky door pulls! The rest of the photos are here. More to come in the upcoming week!

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