Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nursery Furniture 2

We finished assembling the nursery furniture this afternoon, which entailed completing the wardrobe and the 4x4 cube shelves. We were really surprised to see that the wardrobe and changing table both had blue back boards rather than white. The color fits really well in the room, so we are very happy with that. Even the drawer bottom was blue!

The shelves are identical to the set that are in Lisa's office and she is very happy with them. Ikea has a lot of different options for each cube, you can leave them open as they are now or you can get cupboard doors/drawers/boxes to go into any of the cubes. We are sticking with leaving them open for now, but we might get a couple of the doors/drawers in the future.

The only thing that we could not finish was the top of the changing table, unfortunately the box was missing a board, so we will have to return to Ikea to get another table top. But otherwise our nursery furniture is complete!

We started to unpack some of the gifts we have already received from our very excited family and friends. I don't think that Lisa and I will have to worry about spoiling the baby... thats what grandparents are for, right? We are definately very grateful for all the generocity!

Ohh... what a cute sweater! Who made that?!

All the rest of the photos are here.


  1. As for these grandparents we totally agree we are available to spoil this baby. Just let us know what you need and we will get on it. The room looks fabulous. It came together beautifully. Good job.

  2. Wow you are set up!! Great nursery it looks great...not much longer to go....I had both my boys by 38 pressure.