Tuesday, March 17, 2009

T Minus 50 Days?!?!?!? When Did That Happen????

It literally feels like last week that we were writing the blog entry exclaiming that there were only 100 days left. Time has passed so quickly since then and it is hard to believe that there are only 50 days left now. We are excited and doing really well and starting to really look forward to meeting our little baby! This past weekend we were taking a walk through our neighborhood in the morning and imagining how much fun it will be to be doing so with the three of us - and it won't be long! Only 7 weeks to go - exciting and crazy all at once!

This past weekend, we (Lisa and Mom) got a bit more sewing done. We still have some to do, but we are making great progress and it is all coming along nicely.

We were first very excited to finish the bumper! It looks great waiting in the crib with the matching crib skirt!:

Mom is making really great progress on the curtains (our most involved project). We chose a fabric that is shimmery and has little dots on it that look like bubbles to go with our "rubber ducky and soap bubbles" theme.

Once the curtains are finished, we will hang them on the curtain rods in the nursery with these rubber ducky shower curtain hooks!

We also made significant progress on the crib sheets and the hanging diaper organizer. There will be more photos of those to come as soon as the projects are finished (and of course, we'll have photos of the curtains when they are done and up as well!). As always, thanks so much, Mom for all your help!

Being Easter season, which we have found fits our nursery theme perfectly, we have been keeping our eyes open for inexpensive odds and ends to round out the nursery. Scott and I recently found this cute ducky stuffed animal that we just could not resist. (I think we must be getting excited for an actual baby around here!).

Ducky is a little big for the swing, but will keep it warm until our little Cornflake decides to make an appearance!

For all the photos from the weekend, click here. We will continue to keep you updated with all of our baby related adventures!


  1. I too am counting the days and was telling friends at Bunco last ngiht you are under 50 days. This time too is going to fly by. Take the time to enjoy it. All the work is again beautiful. This is going to be such a wonderful nursery. LOVE the big duck. What a find!

  2. Oh my gosh, I am laughing so hard at the duck in the swing... priceless! Hooray for being under 50 days!