Sunday, March 29, 2009

Video Chat Enabled

Our new webcam is up and running. If you ever want to chat like they will in the future, look us up on Skype, we are listed under "Scott Peterson" in Somerville, MA.

** Disclaimer **

We do not promise to shower before answering video chat calls, and if its the weekend you press your luck as to whether or not Scott is wearing pants. Consider yourself warned!


  1. Maybe we should wait until there is a baby in the house to be safe. Truthfully we are so thankful that technology has this stuff because this is how we will watch cornflake grow.

  2. I'm pretty sure those lovely faces are just what our phone conversations have been missing - now all is complete.

  3. This is not news. Scott has not worn pants during the weekend in roughly 15 years. And I know; my eyes have not recovered and the therapy bills are getting rediculous.