Monday, September 7, 2009

Bridging the Nations

This weekend, our good friends Matt and Jenn Heuft made the drive down to visit us from Canada.  Since we have last seen them, each of our families have grown from 2 to 3, so we had a great time meeting the little ones and introducing them to each other.  Here are Alice and Melanie, shortly after meeting:

The girls became fast friends and the parents had fun catching up and relaxing together as well!

Scott read Melanie and Alice some stories.  Melanie got Scott's nose.

Melanie turned 10 months old while she was visiting us.  Alice is nearly 4 months old.  Alice enjoyed taking notes from Melanie on everything from eating food, crawling, teething, sit up unassisted and take a bath in the real bathtub.  It won't be long before Alice is doing all of these things herself!

Both girls are so sweet and happy and have particularly infectious smiles.  Here is Melanie showing off hers with her Dad:

Here are the girls bridging the nations:

We are pretty sure that it will be our turn to visit Canada next (unless we all end up on vacation together somewhere in the middle, like Las Vegas!) and Alice can't wait to see her new friend again!

Here are all of the photos from the weekend.  Enjoy!

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  1. I sent off pictures to print as soon as you posted these and already have them to take with to work with me in the morning. So glad you had a good weekend.