Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bennetts in Boston

Shannon and Mary Bennett were in town this past weekend to meet Alice for the first time, celebrate both of their birthdays, and enjoy some time away from the snow in Minnesota.  They arrived Friday evening and we spent the night catching up, playing with Alice and reminiscing about that time Scott made that cake...

Alice spent the time hamming it up with Daddy.

On Sunday, the rain stopped and the sun came out, so we bundled up and headed north to the town of Salem, MA.  As you can see, Alice was excited to get out of the house!

We walked all over the streets of Salem and saw some very, very scary things: including witches, random people in capes, strange fortune tellers, and the scariest of them all happen down this alley.... a poopy diaper to change!

After we got home and had dinner, we enjoyed some intense gaming.  No one remembers the final scores, but we all enjoyed the competition (well, ok, Scott remembers he destroyed Shannon in connect four... well, at least that is how he remembers it!)

We all agree though that Shannon is a more skilled rower than Scott!


On Monday we traveled to the Science museum in Boston where we visited the planetarium, Triceratops and the butterfly garden.

I'm not sure if Alice really noticed any of the butterflies, but I am sure she like to be up close to all the pretty flowers and green leaves.  It was a chore to keep her fingers at bay!

We all had a great time visiting with Shannon and Mary and we wish them happy, happy birthdays!  We are also looking forward to their new family member in May!  Alice will have a new little friend in MN and we can't wait to visit!


As always, bonus pics can be found in the web albums!

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  1. WOW what a wonderful weekend. You centainly showed the Bennetts a great time little girl. I love your new pictures, especially the ones in the car seat and at the science museum. Love you all,