Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rice Cereal for One, Please

Today we gave Alice her first taste of rice cereal.  We won't go so far as to say she loved it (as you can see from photo #2), but she didn't cry once.  It seemed the strangest part for her was the spoon.  It was very impressive how quickly she would open her mouth for the spoon, but as she chomped down on it, it seemed to feel funny in her mouth.

It was a successful experiment though!  Now we will wait 24 hours to see how her tummy handles it (ie how well the diaper handles it) and then we will slowly start to blend some more cereal into her diet.

Happy weekend from the Petersons!


  1. We got an eater. How fun. She is going to love this. May I suggest getting the thick plastic spoons. I think they come in three packs and she will like it better and less chance of hurting teeth when they come in.
    Love to all,

  2. Yeah for Alice - what a big girl! Good luck with those diapers, bro. Maybe not yet, with just the rice ceral, but there is a rainbow of colors and odors yet to be discovered in your future!