Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone! 

Today was Alice's first experience with Easter and she had a great time.  It seems the Easter bunny knew to visit our house this year and he left Alice some tasty treats.  She woke up bright and early just to start the hunt for those colored eggs.

After the eggs were found she put on her pretty Easter dress and we we got ready to head out for the day.  Before we left though, she needed to check out the eggs once more.

We went down to Middleboro to visit Grammie and Grampie.  Once we arrived it turned out that everyone was just waiting for Alice to entertain the group!

The other big news is that Alice is now up to six teeth!  The two bottom chompers are easy to see, but she is reluctant to show off the four upper teeth.  Here is a rare view! (Also, she has been sick this week with her first real cold.... the runny nose has not gone away yet, hence all the boogies)

Lots of bonus pictures in the web album!

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  1. Realized that I did not comment last night as I looked at the pictures because I was on the phone with your dad. I love your Easter dress and I hope you feel better. You sure are a happy girl for feeling so miserable.