Sunday, May 2, 2010

Alice the Fish!!

You might remember that Alice first swam in a pool in Florida a couple of months ago.  She had a chance to go again during our trip to Fargo and she LOVED it!!  We are going to have to make sure we find as many opportunities as possible for her to go swimming this summer, since we know she will have so much fun every time.

Here are Alice and Miranda getting ready for the pool and having fun at the mirror:
At first, she enjoyed sitting and watching the bigger kids play in the pool, but it didn't take long before she felt adventurous herself:
Alice and Mommy made their way into the water and Alice was all smiles!:
Alice was eager to "swim" - she seems to have a natural doggy paddle style!:

Miranda and Alice and their mommies had a great time together at the pool!:

There were a lot of water fountains and spouts in the water and Alice was eager to check them out - they inspired lots of giggles!:
Alice was not afraid to stick her hands and face in the water.  Each time she got her face wet, it shocked her, but hardly gave her pause:

Alice enjoyed the water slide most of all.  Over and over, Mommy sat Alice 3 feet or so up on the slide and pulled her down into the water.  So much fun!

Alice enjoyed riding around in her friend Henry's floating toy horse.  Her friend, Aleah, loved watching her enjoy the water:
There were so many kids, family and friends, around during the week.  Alice has never been around so many kids at one time, so that was a wonderful experience for her!  Here are a bunch of the kids, starting to get tired!
At the end of the day, Alice was all tuckered out.  She slept well that night!:

Here is a link to the rest of the photos of Alice's swimming pool adventures!

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  1. Fish is the word. I have never seen a baby have so much fun in the water.