Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fun around Town with Grandma and Papa

As we have learned since we moved here, Salem is never short on fun things to do.  It was so much fun to host Grandma and Papa this time in a true tourist town, and all the options certainly kept us going.  At the end of the week, we all needed a vacation from all the fun!

Here are Alice and Papa "chasing" at our favorite local playground:

Here we are, sitting outside and enjoying ice cream at our favorite local ice cream shop:
Taking the trolley on a historical and sight-seeing tour around town:

Visiting the old "Friendship" docked at the wharf in Salem:

At Papa's request, Mommy, Daddy and Papa even tried one of the local Segway companies for a wizz around town - tons of fun!
Here are some more photos from our local adventures during our visit with Grandma and Papa.

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  1. Salem is a beautiful city and we feel we only got to enjoy the tip of the things there. Guess we need to plan another trip out.