Monday, September 12, 2011

Home Improvement

Papa was very excited to come help us get settled into our new house and we did not let that enthusiasm go to waste!  In addition to seeing the sights around town, Papa and Daddy worked very hard on the house and yard the entire time they were visiting with us and our house looked amazing when they left.

Here's Papa, putting in a new deadbolt lock for the backdoor (upgrading it from the skeleton key which has been in use on that door for the past 80 years!)

Daddy and Papa then removed the raised bed garden that was in the backyard.  We plan to use that space for a hammock next year!

Alice enjoyed the box in which the new dishwasher arrived.  Papa and Daddy installed that too.

They also cleared a lot of brush and weeds, laid down enormous amounts of mulch, and put in solar-powered walkway lights lining the driveway and front yard.  Our house looks amazing now!  Thanks so much, Papa Pete!  Here are some more photos from the Home Improvement adventures from the week.

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  1. Helping out at someone elses home is always more fun than working at your own place. And you are right the yead looked great when they were all done.