Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Picture Perfect Fall Day

Recently, along with Uncle Dan and Auntie Chris, we took part in a traditional New England fall activity: visiting a local orchard to go apple picking!  We also realized that a perfect, warm autumn day would be just right for attempting to capture a photo for our annual Christmas card.

Here is Alice, all dressed up for the holiday photo - super cute!  (Also, notice the Scott bomb!)

We had a few practice shots first before trying to take the actual Christmas photo.

Once at the farm, Alice enjoyed checking out all of the animals.

Always a fan of Uncle Dan!

Even though we discovered that the orchard was done offering apple picking for the season, we still had a great time.  Yay for an awesome hayride through the orchards!

Alice, checking out an antique tractor:

Happy Holidays, from our house to yours!

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  1. Your Christmas picture is my favorite one ever. AND the little orange dress is adorable.