Friday, October 14, 2011

Ponytails, Cookies, Goofballs & Chalk

Alice has been up to some fun adventures recently.  The other day, she came home from school with four ponytails in her hair (probably because her hair is too short to support one or two).  She looked really cute!
That night, Alice and Daddy started making some chocolate chip cookies while Mommy was on her way home from work:

Our little chef at work:

Once Mommy got home, it was time for some cuddles and some games on the iPad:

After dinner, the cookies were done and cool, and it was time for Alice to try her creation.  Yum!

Sometimes Alice is such a silly goofball - she always keeps us smiling!:

Alice also had a chance to take advantage of our paved driveway and her new sidewalk chalk recently with Mommy.  Here she is, admiring their artwork:

Here is a link to some more recent pictures of our silly little chef and her adventures.

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  1. Yummy cookies Alice, I want to bake with you the next time we are together.