Monday, May 21, 2012

Fortunate Kiddo

Alice is such a lucky kiddo to be surrounded by so many people who love her and give her such wonderful gifts.  Here she is enjoying just a few of her fun new things she received on the occasion of her recent birthday.

Auntie Jen and Uncle Matt really hit a home run with the doctor kit and baby doll they gave her.  The baby doll (a boy baby named Bobo) is her favorite sleeping friend and she loves to use the doctor kit to offer healthy checkups to her stuffed animals as well as her human family members!  Here is Dr. Alice giving Bobo his checkup:
As she has from birth, Alice still loves reading cards when she receives them:
Clothes too!  She loves having the opportunity to wear her new outfits to school and around the neighborhood:
Aunt Robin and Uncle Davey gave Alice this "camping chair" and this green dinosaur (one of the few things she suggested she might like for her birthday!) - she loves them both!:
Another fun toy she received as a gift for her birthday was this super fun coffee maker from her friend, Henry and his mom and dad, Liz and Steve.  She loves fixing us the perfect cups of coffee:

Our friend Leah may have hit on a toy Daddy will enjoy even more than Alice: Periodic Table Building Blocks!:
Here she is showing off a couple of the bears in a fun game of memory match she received as a gift from her friend Max:
Since it has a Nerf-style top, we have allowed Alice to play with her new "stomp rocket" in the house, but we can't wait to take it outside to see how high it will fly!  Thanks, Nick and Anna!
Thanks to everyone for all the great gifts and to all who surround Alice with love everyday!  You all are the best part of life!  Here are some more photos of her enjoying all of her fun new presents.

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  1. Lucky she is but she also is so very HAPPY which is what we love to see.