Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Our Big Fish

Alice once again is enrolled in swimming lessons this summer, at the Salem YMCA just like last year.  Since she is nearly 3 years old, she got bumped into the class in which she is in the pool alone with the teacher and other students (no Mommy or Daddy along this time!).  We scheduled it for early evenings on Wednesdays, so that Mommy and Daddy could watch from the bench and cheer her along.

Here she is waiting for the lesson to start with her new friend, Charlie:
Here she is, waiting in line to jump into the pool.  Her new friend, Sam, is just about to dive in:
Here is Alice, getting ready to dive in.  Some of her other new friends are waiting for her, across the pool.

She has been quite the little fish during this round of swimming lessons.  She even was brave enough to jump off the wall at the far end of the pool!  Here are some more shots from her swimming adventures.

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  1. Wow she is way better than Grandma is in the swimming pool. Way to go Alice.