Saturday, July 21, 2012

Alice's First Drive-In Movie

There are some memories we keep forever.  If we are lucky, the memory of piling in the back of the car with our family in our PJs at the drive-in on a warm summer night - the car full of snacks! - is one of them.

We recently had the chance to create such a memory.  Here is Alice, preparing for the movie with her dolly, Bobo:

Daddy and Alice shared a snuggle in the back as we were waiting for the double feature to start.  We saw one of the Ice Age movies first (which Alice mostly saw) and Brave (which Mommy and Daddy enjoyed while Alice slept!).
Here we are, all tucked in as the movie began (forgive our fuzziness - it's hard to take a photo in the dark with your phone!)

Here are the rest of the photos from Alice's first (and hopefully first of many!) Drive-In movie experience with Mommy and Daddy!

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