Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Alice's Life Savings

Alice and Mommy recently stopped into our local toy store to check out some of the toys for sale.  As she has done many times, Alice made her way over to a veterinarian kit she has had her eye on.  Alice does not often ask if she can buy toys at the store, but she asked for this one.  Mommy suggested that Alice go home and find out how much she had in her piggy bank to find out if Alice could afford to buy it.
We went home and spent the afternoon counting up all the change in Alice's piggy bank and we were delighted to find that she had enough! 

We hurried back to the toy store before it closed and Alice proudly presented her bucket full of change.
The proud future veterinarian:
Here are the rest of the photos of Alice's proud purchase!

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  1. Such a good way to teach her saving and the result was a true winner.