Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Milestone - "35/35"!!!

Today, we are recognizing the crazy fact that we are both 35 weeks into the pregnancy and we have only 35 days remaining! Kind of cool, but hard to believe all at the same time.

I (Lisa) have been feeling pretty good, which is great. Everything like sewing and other baby preparations have taken a back seat for the moment to preparing my company and office to continue to succeed while I am less available in a month or so. I have a couple of financial plans that I am finishing up for clients over the next week and a half. I am working hard on them and as you can see from the above picture, our baby has grown to the point that I can now use it as a mousepad! The baby is happy to help the company succeed!

This past weekend, my new employee, Leah Hanson, who is in the process of moving into a new apartment, came over and picked up a few pieces of furniture that no longer fit in our house, but will be perfect for her new place. Once those pieces were out of the way, Scott and I were finally able to move a few things around in the front room and hang some pictures.

Here is Scott, putting our baseball display case back up on the wall and some other pictures and items above the fireplace:

We have also finally moved the baby swing into the front room so that once the baby is here, we can all spend some time together in the front room:

It's all coming together and so quickly! We will be sure to keep you updated as there are many other pregnancy milestones coming up over the next few weeks.


  1. The house is coming together. Enjoy now because it will be crazy soon enough. Looks great thought. I think you will like having the swing out in the front room with you. Good call.
    Love all thre of you.

  2. I just noticed you are in the LAST BOX on your ticker!!!! So exciting!!!! :)