Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Surprise! Its a Girl! (visiting from California!)

We had a surprise visitor this past weekend, Bethany! (Lisa's sister from California) Bethany flew in on a red eye on Saturday morning at 5:00am (which is why she is so awake in this photo and Lisa is kinda sleepy). She came to Boston to see Lisa and make sure that she was really pregnant and not just faking to get cool presents. She also wanted to help get the nursery furnished... and we put her to work right away.

After the baby shower on Saturday (more on that later!) we had lots of new things to put together, one of which was the Pack-N-Play, a favorite of Grampie Steve. We got the whole thing together with only a brief look at the directions, and from the looks of it, its baby ready!

We also put the stroller / car seat contraption put together. Bethany is seen here expressing our collective joy.

Finally, before she had to head back to California on Sunday night, Bethany wanted to show us that she is ready to be the best Auntie ever by demonstrating her mad-rocking-skillz (yes, skillz with a Z!)

Oh ya... Danny was there too.

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  1. So nice to see Bethany again. Looks like you all a great time and I can't wait to see the rest of the presents. Love you all.