Sunday, February 13, 2011

Alice's First Hair Cut

Today, we took Alice to have her very first professional hair cut.  We visited a made-for-kids salon called "Snip-Its" and she was such a big, good girl for the hair stylist!

Snip-Its was so much fun.  When Alice sat down in her very own chair (smaller, and fitted with a seatbelt, unlike adult hair salons), the stylist began by blowing bubbles to catch Alice's interest.

Then she gave her some animal crackers and a lollipop and got started on the haircut.  Alice sat nice and still and seemed to enjoy the haircut:
She had her bangs cut and the back of her hair trimmed.  No more mullet for this girl!
The stylist finished up the haircut with a ponytail and a ribbon.  She looked so cute!
Alice was excited to see her haircut in the mirror:
At the end of the experience, Alice received a prize for being a good girl - a little rubber ducky!
Here she was, checking out her new 'do in a kid-sized mirror:
Here is a link to some additional photos from our visit to Snip-Its.

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