Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A High-Flying Birthday!

The last full day of our trip was Grammie Baptiste's birthday and we celebrated in style!  In the morning, we all went out to breakfast.  Then, we all traveled down to the Santa Monica Airport where Uncle CJ keeps his aerobatic plane.  All of us over the age of 16 (to Alice's dismay!) took turns flying with Uncle CJ.  After a few barrel rolls and 360s, Auntie Bethany and Mommy took Grammie to have her nails done while Alice napped back at the house.  Here are some highlights from the flying portion of the day:
Waiting for Uncle CJ to get the plane fueled up and ready to go:
Grampie was first to go up:
There they go!

Waiting to see Uncle CJ and Grampie return and land:
Then it was the birthday girl's turn:
Paying close attention, Alice cheered for a safe landing:
Then, Auntie, Grammie and Grampie took Alice to the Airport playground and Mommy took a ride in the plane:
The aerobatics were fun and the view of the whole area was amazing!  It was such a beautiful day, it was hard to imagine we would be back in the snow in just over 24 hours!:
Once everyone got their turn, we returned the airplane to the hanger and Alice had fun checking it out:
Here are a link to the rest of the photos from our morning adventures.  Happy Birthday again, Grammie!  We were happy we could celebrate with you!

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