Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

We don't get too spend too many holidays with Auntie Bethany and Uncle CJ, so it was especially nice that we were in California for Easter.

When Alice woke up on Easter morning, she discovered that the Easter Bunny had come during the night and had left Easter baskets for each of us:

Even more exciting was the egg hunt in the back yard that the Easter bunny had put together for Alice!

She was so excited to carry around her basket and would shriek "Right there! Right there!" and run over to it whenever she located an egg:

The Easter Bunny was so generous that mid-way through the hunt, Alice's bucket was overflowing with eggs and as she ran around, it would often spill over, but she was not at all deterred and would patiently stop and pick them up before continuing:

Alice and Auntie!:

After the egg hunt, Daddy made us all a nice Easter pancake breakfast...
Which we ate out in the backyard:
After breakfast, we got dressed and headed to the Red Sox game!  Here are some additional photos from the morning's egg hunt.

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