Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sea World!

One of Alice's favorite days on our trip to California was the day we went to Sea World, San Diego.  We thought she would enjoy checking out all the sea life, but we were all so surprised by the themed area that Sea World has added called "Sesame Street Bay of Play!"  Alice is a big fan especially of Elmo and the rides and attractions were all just her speed.

Here she is with Daddy on the Elmo ride:
With Mommy and Auntie Bethany on the Abby Cadabby ride:

With Auntie, Daddy and Mommy on the Oscar ride:

Sea World is a big favorite of Auntie Bethany.  Here she is getting a closer look at Shamu:

The first half of the day tuckered Alice out and she was fast asleep by naptime:

When Alice woke up from her nap, she got the surprise of the week when we ran into Elmo himself!

And then Zoe came out to join Elmo - Alice was a little apprehensive at first, but quickly warmed up and could not have been more excited!

Alice even tickled Elmo and Zoe's feet!

She got some nice great big hugs from Elmo and Zoe:

Then, it was on to the dolphin show:

Alice and Auntie Bethany sat in the splash zone and got seriously splashed!

Alice finished the day with a present from Auntie - her very own Shamu to take home!

What a fun day! Here are the rest of the Sea World photos.

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