Monday, April 25, 2011

Venice Beach

The weather in California was pleasant, but not overly hot - most days were high 60s and low 70s.  We still managed to fit in a couple of beach days during our trip, of course!  Venice Beach is very close to Auntie Bethany and Uncle CJ's house, so we spent our beach days there.

A little dirt never hurt anybody, right?

Auntie Bethany taught Daddy how to surf while we were there.  Here they are, heading out on Boogie Boards after spending some time out on the surfboard:

Here is Auntie, teaching Alice how to get her balance.  Perhaps someday our little "ballerina" will be surfing too!
Playing in the mud:

Alice took her nap on the beach with Auntie and Mommy:

We found a cute little cafe on a side street off of the Venice Beach boardwalk and we all had some tea and lunch:
Here are the rest of the Venice Beach photos.

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