Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Alice rides the bus!

On Monday we needed to go to the Cambridge City Hall to sign Alice's birth certificate. We had gotten two separate notifications from the city and the hospital that her social security card would not be processed until her certificate was signed. As a result, we took Alice on her first bus ride!

The total distance to the courthouse is about a mile, but we didn't want to walk there and back, especially if she was crying! She was fussing at first, but eventually fell asleep as we were waiting for the bus.

Once the bus arrived, we piled in and the ride was smooth. Unfortunately, there was a mistake on the birth certificate when we got there. It listed Scott's place of birth as Las Cruces, MN rather than Las Cruces, NM. An honest little typo I suppose, but now we have to wait at least a week as it gets corrected, so we will be busing again in the near future!

We ended up walking home, as it was a nice afternoon. Once we got back to the neighborhood, we decided to press our luck and try to grab dinner before she woke up. We stopped in at Precinct, where all the waitstaff were excited to see Alice. We had gone there once a week after our doctor appointments during the last two months of the pregnancy and now the first time since Alice was born. This was the place where Lisa had her last meal before we went in for the induction. Luckily, we were able to get in a cheeseburger before the little one woke up!

Once we got home, Lisa fed Alice, who said 'thanks' by blowing some kisses.

Couple extra pics here.


  1. Hi honey, you get cuter every day. You were such a big girl to go on the bus and I am so proud of you. I'm throwing you a kiss right back. Love you.

  2. Scott was born in New Mexico??? And how could anyone at the city hall think there is a 'Las Cruces' in Minnesota?

  3. You captured the Zoolander face! Yeah Soctt, New Mexico?

  4. Scott* (sorry for the typo Papa P!)