Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Target Run

Today we did our weekly Target run rather than Sunday as Chris and Dan are coming up for breakfast tomorrow morning. Alice is already starting to be a great shopper and Target is of course her favorite store! Here she is perusing the aisles.

Ahhh... something has caught her eye! Probably a great sale!

She is even picking out her own wardrobe already! She is growing so fast that she is starting to get to be too large for her NewBorn sleepers, here she is checking out a size 3M!

Lisa also picked up a baby sling with her birthday money. It came highly recommended from Gregg and Laura and as you can see in the photo, Alice loves it too!

Alice gives today's shopping experience an "oooohhhh" rating! (this is really good)


  1. The sling looks like fun. Alice seems to be truly content. I think she is blowing grandma a kiss in the last picture.
    SOON I am coing to shower her with real kisses.

  2. Hahahah, so cute! So it looks like things are going well. Hope you had a happy Bday Lisa!