Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Baby Bath

When I got home from work today, Lisa said that we really needed to give Alice a bath. The reason for this was the given the hot weather, Alice had been getting sweaty the last few days and her hair was very crusty with dried milk. So.... it was BATH TIME!

As you can see from the picture here, Alice LOVED every minute of it!

Basically just a quick rinse and wash of the hair. I'm actually surprised that the neighbors didn't come check on us given the amount of screaming!

Even after she was dried off... still the happiest baby ever! Here she is exclaiming how great and refreshing the bath was!

The best part was that after all the crying, she was very sleepy. She has been sleeping now for an hour! Just enough time for Lisa to take a shower and have dinner!


  1. I don't blame her for not being stoked about bathing inside the belly of a whale!

  2. Thanks for the sneak preview of the baptism!

  3. Oh my darling, some day you will love your bath but this one looks down right traumatic. two weeks from tonight I will be able to help with your bath. I can't wait.