Sunday, June 14, 2009

Breakfast with Uncle Dan and Auntie Chris

Uncle Dan and Auntie Chris came over for breakfast this morning after dropping off Chris' brother Paul at the airport. Paul is off to Alaska to start his bike trip across the continents, we however were off to chow down on a pile of pancakes and fresh mimosas! Alice fared pretty well in the new sling, but I would not say that mommy Lisa got a very hot meal.

After breakfast it was time for Auntie Chris to snuggle with the baby...

and time for Uncle Dan to take a quick snooze on the sofa.

Everyone had a nice time though and Alice even perked up a bit for some vibrating-chair-giggles to end the morning.

After breakfast, the Baptistes headed home and the Petersons headed to Target for a quick loop. Now we are home, the rain is coming in and we are getting to our Sunday chores... laundry, house cleaning and ironing!

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