Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Things are settling down

We have officially been parents for over 5 days now, and I really don't know what all the fuss is about. Perhaps Alice is just some sort of super baby, but she is definitely easy to care for!

Last night, after diapers and a long dinner (1 hour on a single boob... well, 30 min of eating from and 30 min of sleeping on top of) we put her down in the bassinet and went to sleep ourselves. We thought we would try to wake and feed her after 3 hours of sleep, which basically boiled down to us taking her out of the crib, bringing her to the bed and then unsuccessfully trying to make a sleeping baby eat. We repeated this process every hour for the next three hours. Long story short, baby slept six hours, mommy and daddy slept 3 hours plus one hour, then another hour, then another hour.

She finally woke up this morning around 5:30 and ate and then was wide awake for a solid 90 min when she played with daddy. We punched the air, kicked our feet and crawled around on our tummies. After all that work, we went to the nursery and rocked in the chair for 15 min, and then decided it was time to sleep again.

Mommy and baby have both been sleeping for an hour now, more than enough time to update some pictures! Here are some recent pics from this past days:

This is a picture of 'sad Alice' its been somewhat of a rare sighting, so we needed to take a picture to prove that its real.

Lisa says that that worst part of Alice sleeping all the time, is that she gets cuter every time she wakes up. If she keeps this up, Lisa claims she will not be able to handle it much longer! This is a photo of the beauty sleep in progress.

We have put her in the swing a couple times now and she has really enjoyed it. She doesn't fall asleep, rather looks all around as she is swinging through the air. She is also very interested in the people that come close to her as you can see here, she has very attentive eyes.

The kitties were very happy to see us come home, but have been upset that they are not allowed in the bedroom right now as we have the baby in there with us. They did not, however, miss this opportunity to sleep with mommy on the sofa.

We have been very cautious introducing the cats to Alice. So far, Ella is very curious and wants to see what all the fuss is with this new family member. Millie on the other hand runs away as fast as possible whenever the baby makes a peep!

Finally a video of Alice in the crib checking out the soother.

Some more pictures are here.


  1. She is 5 days old and slept for 6 hours straight... oh my word... that is AMAZING!!!!!! Super baby indeed! You lucky dogs. ;)

  2. Looks pretty darn cute. Can't wait til we get to meet her (who knows when that'll be, but hopefully sooner rather than later!). Glad everyone is doing so well.

  3. My first was the same way...She is getting cuter....I am getting baby fever!!

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you.... we are so sad that we are not there but you have done marvelously in keeping the pictures coming and we do appreciate it. She is beautiful. We know you know this but it needs to be said. Those eyes are so fun. What is she thinking?