Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Alice Videos

Here are just a couple videos of Alice from the past days. Pardon the cinematography, remember we are new at this parenting thing!

This first one is from when we were still in the hospital. Its what we like to call 'milk drunk'

This is a video highlighting her totally 80's mullet.

Finally, here she is on her maiden voyage in the swing.


  1. Ha...three videos and not one little peep out of her! She's so adorable. I can't believe all of the hair that she has already. She seems like such a well-behaved baby. She definitely took after her mommy! Hee, hee...just kidding, Scott. Go Alice...and, um, the Yankees!


  2. Oh my gosh, you keep doing things like this to me and I will not make it till next month. SHE is perfect and beautiful and wonderful and......

  3. soooooo sweet!! She loves that swing!! I love all her hair! :)