Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Day of Firsts

On Wednesday, little Alice had a lot of firsts -

First of all, the weather was great outside so we went on a family walk to the park across the street. While we were there, we got a picture of Alice's first wheelie!

Alice also had her first A-Bomb. The A-Bomb of course is when there is so much poo that it bursts out of the diaper and soaks through the clothes and the blanket. Way to go baby! - Sorry no picture of this mess.

Thanks to the A-Bomb, we also gave Alice her first shower/bath. Basically we held her head under the running water and then used a damp cloth to clean her off.

After getting cleaned up, Alice took a ride in her new vibro-chair. She loved it!

After she was settled down, we took the opportunity to get a picture of Alice with her big ducky. We will take more pictures like this to show how much she is growing. This picture is from 6-days old.

After off of this excitement, it was time for dinner and bed. Not a first, but still very important.

Just a couple bonus pics here.


  1. A wheelie.... what kind of daddy are you? Lisa you look fantastic. You are getting some color back and your smile is totally back. Glad it was such a nice day for a walk. Miss you all and love you even more.

  2. Nicky has the exact same big ducky at his yia-yia's house.. Way to go Alice.. your're first of many poop blow-outs, wait til your Dad blogs about the time you spit up all over him and and the floor.. Happy 1 week birthday!